Catch up to the Original Versions of These Upcoming Anime Remakes
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Catch up to the Original Versions of These Upcoming Anime Remakes

  • 06-Jul-2024, 23:56
 Everything old is new again! In the coming months, we’re getting several new takes on classic anime. We can’t wait to see what modern animation and technology bring to our favorite titles. But if you’re new to these series (or if it’s just been a while), you may be wondering how to watch the originals before the new ones premiere. Good news: we’ve got you covered!

Warm up your streaming device of choice and get ready for three anime remakes by watching the shows that inspired them. Where will you start?


Ranma 1/2


After the success of the new Urusei Yatsura anime, we’ve been quietly hoping to see more anime remakes of Rumiko Takahashi classics. Next up is a new anime project based on Ranma 1/2, a gateway series for many fans of a certain age. The series follows Ranma Saotome and others cursed by the spring of Jusenkyo to change form when splashed with cold water. Among cats, pigs, and pandas, Ranma must navigate multiple romantic entanglements while occasionally turning into a girl.

If you want to dive into the original 1989 classic, you can do so on Hulu! Plus, Viz Manga subscribers have access to the entire original manga, so you can go straight to the source before the new series begins.


Magic Knight Rayearth


What do you get when you combine shoujo, giant robots, and isekai? You get CLAMP classic Magic Knight Rayeath… and soon, it will be joining the line of incoming anime remakes! A new project brings back schoolgirls Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu as they become magical defenders of the fantasy world of Cephiro.

Fortunately for newcomers, or fans feeling nostalgic, Crunchyroll is streaming the original series. For the full CLAMP experience, you can pick up the original manga from Kodansha. We can’t wait to see how this genre-bending classic is reimagined for the 21st century!


The Rose of Versailles


Some anime remakes have been in the planning stages for a while, such as the film adaptation of Riyoko Ikeda’s The Rose of Versailles. Fortunately, this one is on the way, heralded by an absolutely gorgeous new trailer.

If you’re having trouble finding the original anime adaptation, it’s available online under the localized title Lady Oscar. You can watch it with a RetroCrush subscription or ad-supported on Amazon Freevee. And if you’re craving that beautiful art in manga format, check it out in English from Udon Entertainment!


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