Important Lessons from the World of Wonderful Precure!
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Important Lessons from the World of Wonderful Precure!

  • 18-Jun-2024, 21:42
  As much as the Precure franchise pulls in fans of all ages, the fact is that its primary demographic is little kids. There’s nothing wrong with that—little kids deserve good entertainment, too! But it’s also why every season of the long-running magical girl series comes packaged with wholesome lessons for youngsters. And this year’s Wonderful Precure! is no different. With its focus on animals (both wild and tame) and forging friendships, it dishes out some solid wisdom for the kids in the audience.

While many episodes have their own stand-alone lessons, here are some of the overarching themes of the series. And just because we’re grown-ups doesn’t mean we can’t learn from them, too!


Learning to Respect Animals


*Wonderful Precure!* distinguishes itself from previous seasons by not depicting its antagonists, the Garugaru, as inherently evil beings. Instead, these creatures are animals corrupted by a mysterious power. This narrative choice emphasizes a valuable lesson for young viewers about the nature of wild animals: while they may act out of fear or confusion, they are not inherently malicious. The Precure team's approach involves caution, calming techniques, and ultimately guiding these creatures back to safety, teaching empathy and understanding towards wildlife in the process.

The series also integrates important lessons about responsible pet ownership. Despite Komugi's ability to transform into a human, she adheres to dietary restrictions appropriate for a dog when in her canine form. Each episode touches on various aspects of pet care, including leash etiquette, regular veterinary visits, and proper behavior around other people's pets. These topics are seamlessly woven into the storyline, serving as educational elements that reinforce responsible behavior and respect for animals among the audience.

By combining these themes of wildlife empathy and responsible pet ownership, *Wonderful Precure!* not only entertains but also educates young viewers about compassion, understanding, and the importance of caring for animals in a thoughtful and responsible manner. This approach aligns with the series' broader mission to impart positive values and life lessons through its magical girl adventures.


Building Trust and Honesty


In *Wonderful Precure!*, maintaining secrecy around the magical Niko Garden and the Precures' identities as magical girls is a recurring challenge, despite efforts by Mey Mey the butler sheep to emphasize its importance. The series portrays several instances where individuals outside the magical circle inadvertently discover the truth, from Iroha's classmate Satoru to Mayu and even family members.

These revelations are sometimes played for comedic effect, particularly Mey Mey's exaggerated reactions, which add a lighthearted touch to the narrative. However, beyond the humor, these moments also serve as valuable lessons in trust and honesty.

The people who learn about Niko Garden and the Precures' mission are portrayed as reliable, helpful, and kind individuals. Their willingness to support the Precures despite the secrecy underscores the importance of trustworthy relationships and mutual support. It highlights the idea that knowing who you can trust and rely on, especially in challenging or secretive situations, is a crucial aspect of personal growth and building strong bonds.

For the Precures, navigating these revelations provides opportunities to deepen their connections with others and to learn the value of openness in their relationships. It reinforces the idea that while maintaining secrecy may be necessary in certain contexts, being able to trust and confide in others ultimately strengthens their teamwork and resilience.

Overall, *Wonderful Precure!* uses these moments of accidental discovery to explore themes of trust, honesty, and the importance of supportive relationships in navigating the challenges of being magical girls.


Healthy Boundaries


The dynamic between Mayu and her cat Yuki in *Wonderful Precure!* highlights an intriguing exploration of friendship, boundaries, and the complexities of caring for others. Yuki's transformation into Cure Nyammy introduces a new layer to their relationship, where Yuki's protective instincts manifest in ways that sometimes border on controlling Mayu's actions.

Yuki's rigid ideas about what Mayu can and cannot do stem from genuine concern for her friend's well-being. However, this well-meaning concern can inadvertently lead to misunderstandings and conflicts, especially when boundaries are not clearly defined. Mayu's decision to assert herself and communicate her feelings is significant, particularly given her naturally shy disposition. It underscores the importance of open communication in any relationship, even between friends who have shared a close bond.

The tension between Mayu and Yuki serves as a poignant reminder that caring deeply for someone does not justify imposing one's beliefs or restrictions on them. True friendship respects individual autonomy and encourages mutual support while acknowledging each person's right to make their own choices. Mayu's courage in speaking up represents a crucial step towards establishing a healthier balance in their friendship, where both parties can protect and support each other while respecting each other's independence.

As the series progresses, it will be intriguing to see how Mayu and Yuki navigate these complexities and evolve in their understanding of each other. This storyline not only adds depth to their characters but also provides valuable lessons about empathy, communication, and the dynamics of friendship in the context of *Wonderful Precure!*

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