This Season’s Anime Boys Are Super Supportive
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This Season’s Anime Boys Are Super Supportive

  • 12-May-2024, 14:58

It sounds like this season's lineup of anime is showcasing some great male characters who play supportive roles for the protagonists. From offering assistance with their intellect, strength, or supernatural abilities, these characters are essential in helping the main heroes overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Supportive characters often add depth to the storyline and offer unique dynamics to the relationships within the anime. It's great to see a variety of male characters fulfilling these roles across different genres, from magical girl series to isekai adventures and beyond.

Do you have a favorite among these supportive male characters?


Rietz Muses


 ​As a Reincarnated Aristocrat, I’ll Use My Appraisal Skill to Rise in the World" sounds like an intriguing series, especially with its focus on building a powerful support system for the protagonist, Ars Louvent. With the ability to see others' stats, Ars has a unique advantage in assembling a formidable team of retainers.

Rietz Muses, in particular, stands out as a deadly and capable individual with impressive stats, reminiscent of historical figures like Oda Nobunaga. Despite being initially underestimated, Rietz's skills and loyalty to Ars make him an invaluable ally. His determination to protect Ars and eliminate anyone who dishonors him adds an interesting dynamic to their relationship and the story as a whole.




In the world of Tonari no Yokai-san, humans and yokai live peacefully side-by-side. That includes Jiro. This tengu, while much older than the other anime boys on this list (he’s 125), has some serious big brother energy. He looks after the village, and even serves as a sort of surrogate father figure to young human Mu-chan.

But that’s not all he does. As a protector spirit, he’s also been defending the village against less friendly otherworldly spirits. While much of the show is about everyday life for these happy neighbors, “everyday life” for Jiro sometimes means exorcising a vengeful snake demon.


Satoru Toyama


It sounds like Satoru plays a crucial role in supporting Cure Wonderful and Cure Friendy in their battles against the Garugaru in Wonderful Precure!. His knowledge about animals not only helps with pet care but also aids in calming the wild beasts they encounter. Additionally, his crush on Iroha adds an interesting dynamic to the group dynamics.

The fan theory suggesting that Satoru might become a Cure himself, following in the footsteps of Cure Wing from Soaring Sky! Precure, is intriguing. His close bond with his pet rabbit Daifuku, along with his supportive role within the team, aligns with the characteristics of other Cure pairs in the series. Given the precedent set by previous series introducing male Cure characters, it's possible that Satoru could undergo a transformation and join the Cure team in the future.

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