Like The Grimm Variations, These Anime Remix Classic Fairy Tales
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Like The Grimm Variations, These Anime Remix Classic Fairy Tales

  • 12-May-2024, 15:02
It's fascinating how The Grimm Variations reimagines classic fairy tales, joining a long line of anime that put unique spins on familiar stories. From magical girls to epic adventures, many anime draw inspiration from folklore and mythology, creating captivating narratives that resonate with audiences. Whether through subtle references or bold reinterpretations, these series offer fresh perspectives on timeless tales.


Maho no Mako-chan


More than half a century before The Grimm Variations, Maho no Mako-chan pulled inspiration from a classic tale. Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid forms the basis for this 1970 magical girl series, which hailed from Cyborg 009 director Yugo Serikawa. Much like her fairy tale counterpart, Mako is a mermaid who loves the human world and becomes infatuated with a human boy. But instead of a prince, it’s a drifter named Akira.

Mako also makes a deal with a sea witch, but fortunately she doesn’t have to give up her voice. It’s no easy task to find Akira, though. Fortunately for our heroine, her story has a happier ending than the mermaid in Andersen’s original tale.




The Grimm Variations may not venture a take on Snow White, but Princess Tutu creator Junichi Sato certainly did! His manga Prétear – The New Legend of Snow White got an anime adaptation in 2001, one year after the manga’s premiere. This version throws a little Cinderella into the mix, too—centering on Himeno Awayuki as adapts to life with her new stepmother and two stepsisters. But then she meets the Leafe Knights: seven handsome magical boys who inform her that she will help them save the world.

As the legendary Prétear, she can borrow the elemental powers of each of the seven Leafe Knights. (She may also be falling in love with one of those magical boys.) As a precursor to Princess Tutu, also directed by Sato, it’s a short and sweet watch.




It's intriguing how Jin-Roh reimagines the narrative of Little Red Riding Hood within the backdrop of a war-torn alternate history. The film's exploration of themes such as love, betrayal, and duty adds layers of complexity to the familiar tale, making for a compelling and thought-provoking viewing experience. The parallels drawn between the characters and elements of the original fairy tale provide a rich subtext to the story, enriching the narrative with depth and symbolism. Jin-Roh's unique take on Little Red Riding Hood offers a fresh perspective on the timeless tale, showcasing the versatility of classic stories in different contexts.

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