JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Producer Hiroyuki Omori Has Passed
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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Producer Hiroyuki Omori Has Passed

  • 18-Jun-2024, 21:17

There is sad news coming out of Japan as we learn about the death of anime producer Hiroyuki Omori, known for his work on *JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure*, *When They Cry – Higurashi*, *Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?*, *Highschool of the Dead*, *Hi Score Girl*, *Terra Formars*, and *Casshern Sins*, among others.

The announcement was made by Warner Bros. Japan, though they provided limited information. The cause of Omori’s death and his age remain unknown.

Omori had been part of the anime industry for over 25 years. He initially worked as a producer at NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan LLC before moving to Warner Bros. Japan in 2011.

While the *JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure* anime has become a huge success, Omori was initially hesitant about adapting it, finding it challenging due to its unique style. Despite these concerns, his passion for the series played a key role in its adaptation. “There was the problem of what to do with the design,” he noted. “But the power of the work itself has not faded, and above all, I am a big JoJo fan myself, so I decided to take on the challenge despite the difficulties.”

VIZ Media publishes the original *JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure* manga by Hirohiko Araki and describes the first volume, *JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 1–Phantom Blood*, as follows:

Young Jonathan Joestar’s life is forever changed when he meets his new adopted brother, Dio. For some reason, Dio harbors a smoldering grudge against him and derives pleasure from seeing him suffer. But every man has his limits, as Dio finds out. This is the beginning of a long and hateful relationship!

Omori’s work touched many people’s lives around the world, and we send our condolences to his loved ones during this time.

Source: Tokyo Weekender

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