SPY x FAMILY Manga Moments We Can’t Wait to See Animated
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SPY x FAMILY Manga Moments We Can’t Wait to See Animated

  • 12-Jun-2024, 21:11
 Everyone’s favorite domestic intrigue series will be back for a third season! SPY x FAMILY will be continuing in the future, with more animated adventures for the Forger family. Of course, manga readers can keep up with Loid, Yor, Anya, and Bond on the Shonen Jump app. And those who do, know that there are some interesting stories on the horizon.

Today, we’re taking a (largely spoiler-free) look at three plot points we can’t wait to see explored in future seasons.


A Background Romance


*SPY x FAMILY* fans are already familiar with Henry Henderson and Martha Marriott. Henry is the elegance-obsessed history teacher at Eden Academy, while Martha is Becky Blackbell’s devoted caretaker. However, there's much more to both of them than meets the eye. They share a significant history—both individually and together.

Currently, the manga is delving into their past, exploring their youth during wartime, their time at Eden Academy, and the years that followed. We're deeply invested in the relationship between these two background characters and hope their story will eventually receive the attention it deserves in the anime!


Yor’s Fight for World Peace


In *SPY x FAMILY*, everyone is contributing to world peace. Anya is working hard at school, Loid continues his spycraft, and Yor is making some unexpected strides of her own. She's the kind of person who makes friends wherever she goes, and as the manga progresses, she's building connections and influencing people on a larger scale.

There's one new friend in particular who surprises even Yor. What begins as a comedic encounter quickly turns into a crucial part of the story. Whether she realizes it or not, Yor may play a bigger role in Loid’s mission than he ever anticipated.

What Anya Tells Damian


Some manga panels are destined to become iconic. Think of the final page of *Ashita no Joe*, Isabella looming over Emma in *The Promised Neverland*, and, in our opinion, the two-page spread of Anya dancing with Damian in *SPY x FAMILY*. Besides being an incredible piece of art, it marks a significant moment in the series' story.

Anya and Damian's interactions have always been full of drama and tension—or at least the kindergarten version of it. What starts as an over-the-top competition for Damian’s attention evolves into one of the biggest surprises in the series so far. What happens next? We won't spoil it here, but you can find out by reading the manga or eagerly awaiting the anime to reach this story arc!

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